Pokemon GO: Easter Eggstravaganza Event Introduces The New Shiny Buneary

A new Easter Eggstravaganza Event is live for all the Pokemon trainers to enjoy for the month of April and players are quite thrilled to witness the introduction of a brand new shiny Buneary to the title.

Niantic has been including a slew of new shiny to the title with every new event and this time is no exception as the latest event included tot Pokemon GO helps trainers to grab on to new shiny Buneary.

The new Eggstravaganza event includes a number of different events combined together to experience some remarkable interactions in the game. Players can they can obtain eggs by completing research tasks or hatch up cute little Pokemon from the caught eggs and also a new shiny Buneary is included to the title for Pokemon GO players.

The exclusive Eggstravaganza event will allow players to obtain a number of Pichu, Magy, Smoochum and many other baby Pokemon by hatching the 2KM eggs. Moreover, players will enjoy some additional perks during this event which includes boosted candy rewards for each hatched egg and help players in leveling up their caught Pokemon in a much more efficient way.

The exciting aspect of this new event is that the players will have double the chance of hatching a rare Pokemon in 5km eggs which would help players in completing their Pokedex in a much more quick manner.

Pokemon trainers will be able to do a lot of other exciting Field Research tasks during the Eggstravaganza Event which would help players in collecting plenty of Pokemon eggs from the PokeStops.

During the Eggstravaganza Event, players will be able to spot the bunny type Pokemon Buneary much more often and if they choose to roam around in complete open lands the chances of catching a shiny Buneary multiply.

Although the Pokemon GO title already consists of the natural form of Buneary still, the new shiny variant of this cute pocket monster is a must to have Pokemon registered into your Pokedex. So players should try to formulate a suitable team of Pokemon to battle against this monster to ensure the obtaining of this new shiny.

The team of developers at Niantic have prepared a slew of new events and challenges for its Pokemon AR title, and surely players are having a lot of fun while trying to achieve the required goal in the title.

Moreover, the new Eggstravaganza Event will be available to play in Pokemon GO until April 22 and players can ensure to capture at least one new shiny version of the Buneary Pokemon.

Within a span of few months, Niantic has introduced a wide range of different events and unique challenges which has made the title attractive so far, but surely enough as the Harry Potter Wizards Unite title is about to be launched the developers will have to come up with some unique ideas to retain their existing users base.

Let’s see what more content will Niantic introduce to its hit mobile AR game Pokemon GO as players have high expectations to experience the inclusion of Mewtwo to the title once. 

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