How to Record Voice Memo on iPhone

The Voice memo application helps you record audio notes which can save on your iPhone. The audio can be of an educational talk, off-camera or off-stage commentary, interview questions for the project management, etc. In case you wish to record an audio note, trim, save and share it, then you can use the Voice Memo application. Here’s how to record Voice Memo on iPhone.

Steps to Send Audio Notes in Messages

•    Go to the Messages application. You have to chat with someone on your iMessage account so that you can share your recorded audio notes with that contact.

•    Go through the texts in the conversation window and also the horizontal bar located at the upper side of the screen.

•    In case the contacts are of olive color, then this means you don’t have a conversation through iMessage.

•    In case the contacts are of an azure color, then this means you can share the recorded audio notes with them.

•    Click on the conversation you had with one of your contacts

•    Keep pressing on the microphone option given next to the iMesssage section. You will get this option if you have a conversation with any other user of iMessage.

•    Now, start recording the audio note after keep pressing on the microphone option.

•    Swipe up the finger to the Send option for sharing the audio note you have recorded.

Steps to Record a Voice Memo

•    Click on the Voice Memos application. It is located on the Home screen. Otherwise,  you will get this application in the “Extras” folder.

•    Press on the Record option to start the recording process. After clicking on this option, it will instantly start recording through the microphone of the iPhone.

•    Click on the Record option once again to stop the audio note recording. You can also start the recording again while clicking on the red circle button.

•    Press on the “Done” button to save the audio note which you have recorded.

Steps to Trim a Voice memo

•    Press on the recorded audio notes located in the Voice Memo to launch it. You will get the pull-down menu after opening the Voice Memo application.

•    Click on the “Edit” option below the chosen audio note.

•    Press on an azure color square to enable the trim mode.

•    Pull the red box to change the start and end settings of the audio note recording.

•    Click on the “Trim” button after completing the changing process of the start and end settings.

•    In case you wish to make a new audio recording, then it will start with a new record instead of the older one.

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