Anthem: New Cataclysm Event Possibly Delayed!

Anthem: New Cataclysm Event Possibly Delayed!

A recent update had put a halt to all the floating speculations associated to Cataclysm Event as it has been brought to notice that the new 1.1.0 patch for the Anthem title has forfeited this time from including the most awaited Cataclysm Event which was a hot topic amongst the community members for quite some time.

Surely many fans are disheartened as they were expecting some improved gameplay after a rough period that the Anthem had faced. It seems developers at BioWare are still ongoing with fixing the previous in-game issues that were annoying players. Anthem title had faced a rollercoaster ride since its launch as the game has faced multiple challenges and hurdles which has impacted the reputation of the game.

Still, it was highly anticipated that with the new 1.1.0 update patch some improvement could be made in the gameplay for the title. Many gamers were predicting that 1.1.0 patch for the game would enable some new cosmetic items, Stronghold, add-on features, and The Sunken Cell.

But to a surprise, none such items were included to the title with the new 1.1.0 update. Instead the new patch included few minor bug fixes and repair files to counter the ongoing sudden game shutdown.

Now it is believed that all the exclusive new content would be featured in the future update which is scheduled for the May month of 2019. Players will be able to access new content like Weekly Stronghold Challenge, Freeplay Events, Leaderboard and Cataclysm.

BioWare developers have been keen on improving the root causes of the issues faced by players and are trying to resolve the associated problems before heading forward with any new events. Mainly they are focusing on resolving the ongoing issues by including proper coding which would rectify the faulty files.

The main culprit behind the flaws faced in the Anthem title is considerably time as the said game was developed with a great rush as the developers were not given ample time to complete the entire characterization and set development successfully. As a result, a chain of flaws can be experienced by players while trying to launch the title.

The current approach chosen by the BioWare would not be appropriate to many, but their circumstances have to build them to revive the falling title with every means possible.

Understandably many players are not so much pleased with the developers of Anthem, but within a span of few weeks, some significant improvements would be witnessed by the players which would tremendously improve the in-game experience for the players.

Another of the critical factors which the developers have to resolve immediately is the loot system while going through the Anthem gameplay. Player was much more disappointed with the Anthem title when the accidental boost in the loot weapons damage helped players enjoy the game immensely. But eventually, BioWare will have to take some essential steps in order to even out the playing field during multiplayer battles.

Let’s see how BioWare further plans to improve the player’s in-game interactions and what new content would the developers introduce to the title to make it more interesting.

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